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Why Should I or My Child be Formally Evaluated for ADHD?

 Because many of the symptoms of ADHD are often seen in other disorders, such as depression, anxiety, memory, and learning disorders, it is important to have a thorough psychological evaluation to determine what psychological processes are underlying the symptoms that are being observed. Some care providers will diagnose using rating scales alone – however, rating scales indicate only that an individual is displaying symptoms that are seen in people who have ADHD, and they should not be used by themselves to definitively diagnose. Formal psychological evaluation can be used to make a more definitive diagnosis, as well as make appropriate treatment recommendations.

 What Does the Assessment Process for ADHD Involve?

 At Horizon Psychological Services, the ADHD assessment process is informed by the latest guidelines and recommendations from top researchers in the area of ADHD. All clients who are being evaluated for ADHD can expect to have a thorough clinical interview prior to scheduling testing in order to determine whether further testing is appropriate. For most clients, testing will involve the administration of a Wechsler intelligence test; the Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning, Second Edition; general behavior and more specific ADHD-symptom scales (with information gathered from collateral sources as well, such as family members and, in the case of children, the school); and several measures of mood and personality. Using the information gathered from these sources, a formal report is written and a determination is made as to the most appropriate diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

 How Long Does the Assessment Process Take?

Following the initial interview, during which the clinical history is taken and a determination is made to go forward with the testing process, an appointment for testing is usually made for 1-2 weeks later; this allows Horizon Psychological Services staff time to get authorization for testing, if required by your insurance company, and allows you, the client, time to have family and school personnel (if applicable) to complete behavior rating scales. The actual face-to-face testing session ranges from 2 to 3 hours in length. Clients can expect to have a face-to-face feedback session and receive a copy of the evaluation report approximately 2 weeks after all testing is completed and rating scales are received back.

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