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Horizon Psychological Services offers counseling services using the following approaches:

  • Parent Coaching
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
  • Supportive Therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults
  • Health Behavior Interventions, including weight loss, smoking cessation, adjustment to illness, and other health-related interventions
  • Couples/Marital Counseling

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy, broadly speaking, is a form of treatment that involves meeting with a therapist on a regular basis to discuss difficulties and develop ways for dealing with them. There are many types or psychotherapy, from the traditional psychodynamic “Freudian” style to more recently developed styles such as cognitive-behavioral therapy. Different styles of therapy work for different people, and not every style of therapy is for everyone.

 Can Psychotherapy Help Me or My Child?

Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. Each specific situation is different, from the type of problem that is being dealt with, to the style of therapy being used, to the relationship between the therapist and the client. However, in many cases, psychotherapy can be beneficial, either as a standalone treatment or in combination with medication. Even for more “biologically-based” disorders, such as ADHD, therapy can be helpful in identifying and modifying behaviors and ways of thinking that negatively impact the individual in his or her life.

Horizon Psychological Services serves the Charlotte Metro Area, including Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Lake Norman, and surrounding Communities.
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