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Horizon Psychological Services offers psychological testing and evaluation in the following areas:

What is Psychological Evaluation?

Psychological evaluation is the process of assessing an individual, through a combination of a clinical interview and the administration of psychological tests, in order to better understand the individual’s cognitive and/or personality functioning. Psychological evaluation can be helpful in determining whether an individual has a particular clinical problem or diagnosis, as well as in helping to create an appropriate plan for psychological treatment.

What is Involved in a Psychological Evaluation?

All psychological evaluations conducted at Horizon Psychological Services include a thorough clinical interview and the administration of standardized psychological tests. Clients can expect to receive an in-depth written report within one to two weeks after the evaluation process is completed, as well as the option of a face-to-face feedback session.

Does Insurance Cover Psychological Evaluation Services?

Insurance companies cover many psychological evaluation services, and Horizon staff will contact your insurance company in order to make sure that the particular evaluation service you will be undergoing is covered by your specific insurance plan. Most insurance companies do cover general diagnostic, presurgical bariatric, and ADHD evaluations. However, in general, learning disability evaluations are not a covered benefit of most insurance plans.

Horizon Psychological Services serves the Charlotte Metro Area, including Huntersville, Cornelius, Davidson, Lake Norman, and surrounding Communities.
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