Pre-surgical Bariatric Evaluation

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  What is a Pre-Surgical Bariatric Evaluation?

 A pre-surgical psychological evaluation is a common first step to undergoing a bariatric surgical procedure, such as laparoscopic banding (also known as LAP-Band) or gastric bypass. An evaluation may be requested for several reasons, including : to determine that you will be able to make the post-operative lifestyle changes necessary to ensure the success of your surgery; to determine that you are emotionally prepared to undergo bariatric surgery; and, if necessary, to recommend additional supports either before or after the surgery.  The ultimate goal of the bariatric psychological evaluation is to ensure your safety by identifying risk factors and barriers to your optimal weight loss and health post-surgery.

 Will the Evaluation Results Prevent Me from Having Surgery?

 For most individuals, the evaluation is a process that leads to the development or suggestion of interventions, such as participating in a support group, that are meant to enhance the response to bariatric surgery. In a small number of cases, the evaluation leads to the diagnosis of an acute psychological illness, such as depression, which, if left untreated, could have a negative effect on the recovery and response to bariatric surgery. In these types of cases, it is usually suggested that surgery be postponed until the symptoms are under better control. It is rare for the findings of the evaluation to suggest that an individual should not have bariatric surgery.

What is Involved in the Pre-Surgical Psychological Evaluation?

 The pre-surgical psychological evaluation is comprised of two parts: the clinical interview and the administration of the Millon Behavioral Medicine Diagnostic (MBMD), which is a true/false questionnaire. Appointments generally last 2 hours in length. The written report of findings is completed within one week, in most cases, and can be faxed directly to the clinic of the bariatric surgeon.

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